Best Mouse Traps to quickly get rid of pests

Are you sick of mice in your home? Would you like to know with which traps you can catch more mice and rid your home of those pesky rodent invaders?? Well, you are in luck because today we’ll reveal some of the best methods to make sure those crafty buggers don’t off in your place, and you can say a permanent goodbye to your little friends!

Rats and mice can start to get into your house by various means. These are dangerous and can grow rapidly and produce many problems, including the need to fix things like houses and other property. Besides electric rat-killing devices, there are many ways to keep them away from your place, like mice-killing cages, or you can easily use foods that attract the most of these pests.

So, in this article, we will know the best mouse traps to get rid of these pests quickly without killing them through effective natural ways.

How to trap mice/rats in a natural way?

Mice and rats leave feces everywhere, and if the feces are left long enough, they can contaminate food. Mice and rats can be carriers of many diseases. But as members of the ecosystem, it’s not pleasant to just outright kill them.

Several traps you can apply by yourself before those insects become the reason for some serious damage to your house. They may look cute, but this can’t be the reason to let them live in your place forever. Here are some natural ways to prevent mice permanently.


Mothballs have been used for a long time for pest control as they are made out of the chemical named Naphthalene. It is easy to be found and can be used in a simple way. Mothballs are effective in warding mice off, so you can place mothballs in their possible habitats. You just have to be careful in spreading them as the smell is also harmful to humans.

Essential oils

The essential oils peppermint, citronella, and eucalyptus oils can help get rid of rodents in a natural way. Insects don’t like the smell of eucalyptus oil. When used as a deterrent, a concentration of 5-10% can be extremely effective.

Owl’s feather

Research shows that the mice are smart enough to sense threats in their surroundings. They have learned how to act and escape from an owl’s attack. Therefore, you can apply owl’s feathers to get rid of pests like mice/rats quickly.

Human hair

No matter how robust it is, mice can not endure the glimpse of human hair. Hence, this can be an effective repellent to get rid of these pests. Set some of your hair in the corners where mice hide the most.


Aside from the cleaning agent, ammonia is also a worthwhile repellent as it has a pungent smell. You can prepare the repellent for these pests by using 1/2 cup of ammonia, adding 2/3 spoons of detergent, and mixing them with some water. Then place this mixture where mice often visit.

Steel wool

You can use steel wool to block the access points of these pests. Steel wool can be used as a barrier to keep the mice from getting inside your house.

Dried snake litter/cat litter

These animals are already known as natural predators of rats/mice. So you can buy some dried snake/cat litter from the market and fool them by placing the dried litter in the hole where they usually dwell.

Which home remedies/foods attract mice?

If you are willing to remove mice from your house with foods/home remedies, then you can apply several methods by using foods that attract rats/mice the most.


Mice cannot tolerate the pungent smell of onions. It’s the perfect way to keep them away from your home. You just have to cut one slice of onion and set them where mice usually inhabit. You must have to replace the onions once they have rotten.

Baking soda:

The mixture of baking soda with some sugar and flour can be used as an effective repellent for mice. Because of the mixture, they will not be able to detect the baking soda.

Peanut butter:

Mice love peanuts just as much as cheese. Thus, you can apply the mixture of baking soda and some peanut butter as it’s adverse for these pests.

Mouse trapping cage

You can also use mouse trapping cages to get rid of these pests. Many physical stores in the market are currently selling rat and mouse traps. It currently comes in two sizes, large and medium. These cages have a door closing spring system that closes automatically when the mouse runs inside. In this case, you just have to put some food to attract the mice and set the cage somewhere darker so that mice will not be able to see the cage. You can fool them by applying this method, and once the mouse is trapped, set them free somewhere far away from your place.

Electric device

If you ever have a huge mice problem in your house, garage, car, office, or restaurant, then you also purchase a mouse-killing electronic device. When you cannot reduce the mice problem in other ways, this is the option you can apply. With this device, there’s a removable kill chamber so that it’s easy to clean. This helps keep the electronics inside from getting wet. This device requires batteries to be active, and it kills mice by giving electric shocks.

Final Verdict: We should try first to reduce the mouse problem by keeping away from our places without killing them. As every living creature is equally important for nature’s balance, mice/rats are also an important part of the ecosystem.

Hopefully, the given ideas will help you to get rid of these pests, and you don’t have to kill them. Instead, shoo them away with these natural tips so they can live happily away from your home! For more details, visit



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