EXCLUSIVE: Boxbell founder talks to Elon Musk, long waiting lists and selling Boxbell homes on Mars

Rumor Tesla Inc TSLA General manager Elon Musk Living in a $50,000 house Boxable It emerged after a tweet from its CEO last year. mentioned Price of the house and video He showed. One shipment.

Musk’s full Dispatch podcast interview confirms he bought Boxabl and co-founded the company. Galliano Tiramani Sharing details only with Benzinga. The unofficial agreement kept Tiramani quiet.

Selling to Musk; Last week, Musk was asked to clear up rumors that he owns Boxbell on the Full Dispatch podcast. Musk confirmed that he owns the Boxable prototype.

Tiramani said Musk’s team saw a Twitter video within days of the first three prototypes being hand-built and asked to buy them.

“We sold one and delivered it to SpaceX,” Tiramani said. “I couldn’t talk about it because there was an NDA.”

Tiramani says things have been quiet for a while since taking over, with Musk mentioning living in a $50,000 house on Twitter, linking the company to the world’s richest man.

“He said cryptic things on Twitter and confused people,” he said.

Tiramani said it wasn’t too difficult to keep quiet about the rumors as the company had benefited from a lot of attention from customers and the press.

“Whether we say it or not, we’ve got the benefit. “We didn’t have to say anything,” he said, adding that “most everything Elon touches turns to gold.”

About Boxable: Tiramani, the company in 2010. It started in 2017 with a set of prototypes and the goal of eventually producing one house per minute, similar to what automotive factories can do.

“Our technology enables mass production of housing, which was not possible before,” he said.

The company’s first product is called “Casita,” a 20-foot-by-20-foot house similar to a studio apartment that’s basically ready to go. A casita is an eight-foot-wide container that has a bathroom, kitchen, living room and bed.

“It’s the starting point for us,” he said.

The homes from Boxabl are energy efficient, structurally sound and come with storm ratings, Tiramani said.

Boxable’s founder calls the houses “a superior product at a lower price” from his company.

Boxable has signed its first order with the US Department of Defense and announced a partnership with a major homebuilder. DR Horton Inc DHI At the beginning of this year, it included an order for 100 units and an investment in the company.

“They know better about houses than I do,” Tiramani said of Dr. Horton. If there is a better way, they don’t want to do it that way (traditional house building).

According to Boxable’s founder, 90% of the housing market is being built the “old school” way, sun and rain with hammer and nails. The company hopes to convert customers by working with existing contractors.

The remaining 10% of the home building market, which manufactures houses in factories, has limited scaling opportunities due to shipping costs and constraints, Thiramani added. Boxabls can ship anywhere.

“We will eliminate labor costs and additional costs,” he said.

“We have a really big customer waiting list,” Tiramani told Benzinga, at 120,000 units.

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Boxing on Mars? Along with selling a prototype to Musk for use in Texas, the company hopes to work with him in the future.

Musk plans to build a Starbase Village in Texas near the SpaceX facility.

“We want to offer Casitas to Starbase Village. We are ready, so if he wants to call me,” Tiramani said.

Boxbell made a video in which he joked that the company could help Musk colonize Mars. While the Boxabl founder admits the video is silly, he says it makes sense when you zoom in on it.

Shipping costs per cubic foot are a major consideration in the future for a mission to Mars. Boxable’s technology and gasket system could make the company a contender for building homes on Mars, Tiramani said.

I think he is [Musk] We have to look, maybe we can colonize Mars with Boxbells,” Tiramani added.

What’s next? The company has a factory in Las Vegas and is working to increase its production capacity with the addition of a second factory.

“We are well on our way,” he said.

Tiramani said the company will develop more products and models including new sizes such as 20 feet by 30 feet, 20 feet by 40 feet and 20 feet by 60 feet. They also add the ability to stack and connect plans for different sizes.

Tiramani said that the demand for housing is so great that companies cannot build enough. The founder of Boxabl hopes not only to help the problems of the homeless, but also to help costs and reduce prices.

“The demand is not going anywhere, it’s a problem all over the world,” he said.

Boxable is raising more money now. Interested parties can invest in Boxabl through the company’s website by reading the offer.

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