Homebuyers with low credit scores pay an extra $104,000 in mortgage costs.

Today’s home buyers can expect. Pay up to 62% more per month. to buy a typical American home at prices a year ago. Zillow analyzed credit scores against current loan rates and found that such monthly cost increases are exacerbated for millions of Americans with low credit scores or less-than-perfect credit histories.

A borrower with an “excellent” credit score – between 760 and 850 – can sign up for a 30-year fixed rate loan with an interest rate of 5.099%.1. For the same loan, the same borrower with a “fair” credit score—between 620 and 639—qualifies for a 6.688% rate.1. This is equivalent to a. 288 dollars Monthly loan payment difference and close 103,626 dollars Interest on a 30-year fixed-term loan based on typical US home prices ($354,165)2.

“The first step you can take when thinking about buying a home is to fully understand your financial picture, your affordability and any debts or obligations you have,” he said. Libby Cooper, Vice President of Home Loans at Zillow. “If you know you have low credit, take the right steps Improve your credit score. Doing things like reporting possible errors and paying off as much debt as possible. This can increase the home loan amount you qualify for.

The chart below shows how a buyer’s credit profile plays an important role in how much a home will ultimately cost. Buyers who make improving their credit score their first step in the home buying process have more buying power and lower monthly payments.

The cost of buying a US home is typically priced based on credit scores3

FICO® Point

Estimated annual

Monthly payment

Total loan cost



1,538 dollars

553,743 dollars



1,557 dollars

567,739 dollars



1,608 dollars

579,014 dollars



1,647 dollars

592,782 dollars



1,725 ​​dollars

620,882 dollars



1,826 dollars

657,369 dollars

he said direct connection Between credit security – a strong credit history and structured access to credit – and high home ownership rates. Ownership rates are low, especially in “credit-poor” neighborhoods, which are home to a large number of residents who are poor or have no credit history. That cuts millions — especially black and Latinx residents — out of the wealth-building benefits of home ownership. in addition, Black applicants are denied loans at an 84% higher rate than whitesAnd credit history is the most common reason cited for those declines. Limited traditional financial services Lack of credit history and inability to build a high credit score are significant factors in black and other communities of color.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac recently adopted policies that include timely rental payments in their automated underwriting systems. Lenders and brokers can enter bank account data (with the borrower’s consent). Identify 12 months of immediate rental payments for borrowers to qualify for a mortgage.

“While the inclusion of current rent payments does not change a borrower’s credit score, it does have a positive impact on how lenders view a borrower’s creditworthiness. This move demonstrates that effective policy changes can help consumers build a strong financial foundation that unlocks homeownership,” said Cooper.

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1 depending on FICO Loan Savings Calculator Rates from current on myfico.com July 26, 2022.
2 As of 2011 Zillow Home Value Index.
3 Loan calculations assume a 20% down payment on the cost of the home 354,165 dollars With a 30-year fixed loan. The total cost of borrowing includes the cost of the loan and the cost of interest over the life of the loan.

Source: Zillow

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