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The following real estate transactions are for $10,000 or more.

Cambria County

Christopher Adam Vaught from Donna M. Nolan, property in White Township, $48,500.

Gerald Paul Carlheim to Nicholas Miller, property in Barr Township, $140,000.

Matthew Chemock to Frank A. Poliziani, property in Cambria Township, $225,000.

Jacob J. Marker to Brady M. Harnish, property in Johnstown City, $54,000.

Jacob D. Guzic to Alice E. Hopkins, property in Cresson Township, $150,000.

Ronald D. Myers to Sandra DeLozier, property in Sinkertown Borough, $20,000.

Patrick J. Richart from Blow Properties LLC, property in Johnstown 8th Ward, $56,700.

Paul E. Freeman Jr. to Olive Marie Drager, property in Upper Yoder Township, $80,000.

Aria Real Estate Investments & Holdings LLC to Timothy C. Leventry, property in Johnstown City, $30,400.

Candace S. Sosko to Reliance Savings Bank, property in White City, $85,251.

Corbin R. Corrente to Emerald Estates Inc., property in Cambria Township, $70,000.

Eric Falkenstein to Jason Bradley Lee, property in Johnstown 17th Ward, $47,500.

Christina Lynn Schurg to Brian Horner, property in Ebensburg Borough, $110,000.

Louis K. Izzo to Ronald Frank, attorney-in-fact, property in Ebensburg Borough, $235,000.

Douglas Paul Stausky Jr. to Bruce A. Felix, property in Ebensburg Borough, $325,000.

Michael Mitchell and Amy M. Cinisi, property in Johnstown 20th Ward, $65,000.

Christine Ann Sidari to Vance W. Stacey, property in Lower Yoder Township, $179,000.

Clint Sanderson to Todd A. Lindrose, property in Lower Yoder Township, $135,000.

Douglas Keith Stump Jr. from Frank J. Mele Sr., property in Gastown Borough, $99,500.

Jay M. Goldstein II to Timothy J. Sheehan, property in Cambria Township, $246,000.

Rebecca Ann Miller from Edward B. Knepper, property in Richland Township, $85,000.

Patrick Wagner to Doug F. Kuster, property in Richland Township, $30,000.

Jonathan Michael Melotti from Timothy P. Fabry, a property located in the Borough of Galitzin, $85,100.

Jeremy Wilson to Margaret A. Margick, property in Cambria Township, $180,000.

Johnstown Bedford DPP LLC from TJ Associates, property in Stonycreek Township, $200,000.

Aroldo Velasquez Escalante from Anyuan Bao, property in Johnstown, $38,000.

WDI Properties LLC from Krens Profits Inc., property in Jackson Township, $200,000.

Jerome Jackson to George Boggs, property in Johnstown Township, $10,000.

Christopher R. Bennett from Fetzer Properties LLC, property in Johnstown 17th Ward, $75,000.

Chang Chen Lin to Russell L. Learn, property in Richland Township, $228,000.

Karcher Property Management LLC to Jill A. Delsignore, property in Upper Yoder Township, $62,000.

Joshua Richard Burkett from John C. Hollis, property in Lower Yoder Township, $87,500.

Victor Flores Jr. from Lourero Properties LLC, property in Upper Yoder Township, $80,000.

One Yuan from Corey M. Davis, property in Johnstown City, $29,000.

Momentum Properties LLC to Albert A. Schubert Jr. Revocable Trust, trustee, property in Johnstown 17th Ward, $80,000.

Momentum Properties LLC to Rosemarie A. Schubert Revocable Trust, trustee, property in Johnstown 20th Ward, $40,000.

Momentum Properties LLC to Albert A. Schubert Jr. Revocable Trust, trustee, property in Johnstown 17th Ward, $20,000.

Craig A. Avery to Ramona R

Schumacher Properties LLC to Alvin G. Callihan, property in Stonycreek Township, $45,000.

Alicia Gaunt to Nicole R. House, property in Wilmore Borough, $150,000.

Gary D. Livingston to John Homerski Jr., property in Northern Cambria Borough, $40,000.

Cody A. Naugle to Fye Revocable Trust, trustee, property in Jackson Township, $125,000.

Lisa M. Rager to Elmer J. Weiss, property in Richland Township, $133,000.

Kevin McKenrick to Margaret H. McKenrick, property in Ebensburg Borough, $170,000.

Jerry Duane Boggs Jr. to Rena Sisty DeBastiani, property in Ebensburg Borough, $195,000.

Kevin C. Mikolic to Scott J. Herdman, property in Richland Township, $262,000.

Russell Grazer to Alfred Kalina Jr., property in East Taylor Township, $178,000.

David L. Klamar to Carol Klamar, property in Susquehanna Township, $40,441.60.

Antoinette Grace Kiel from David G. Sakmar, property in Upper Yoder Township, $76,000.

Tricia Giannon McFadden to Robert H. Stultz, property in Cambria Township, $25,000.

Timothy C. Book to Gregory Allen Owens Jr., property in Chester City, $69,900.

Ian P. Bucci to Christopher J. Ambrose, property in Adams Township, $286,000.

Johanna Kullback to Wendy S. Weary, property in Gastown Borough, $135,000.

Ethan Forster to Candace L. Forster, property in Stonycreek Township, $45,000.

Christopher James Ambrose with Dominic J.

Megan N. Bernard married Marian T. Madison, property in Summerhill Borough, $122,400.

Barbuno LLC to Gary Boxler, property in Adams Township, $100,000.

Trevor Albright from Thomas Curtis, attorney-in-fact, property in Portage Township, $55,500.

Michael Tomlinson to Deborah Rabenstein, property in Asheville Borough, $30,000.

Sherry L. Johnson to William John Seiter, property in Portage Township, $10,000.

Aaron J. Ciccone to Daniel W. Church, property in Richland Township, $173,000.

Somerset County

Harrison F. Heitz IV to Leonard R. Lotig, property in Larimer Township, $125,000.

Harrison F. Heitz IV to Leonard R. Lotig, property in Larimer Township, $71,401.60.

Shane Richard Supanik to Tracy L. Peterson, by sheriff, property in Jenner Township, $67,123.20.

Luke Edward Shaffer to Maria Antoinette Krnosky, property in Black Township, $100,000.

Scarlett Windbear LLC from Hayride Real Estate LLC, property in Windbear Borough, $335,000.

Becky McKinley to Joshua E. Supa, property in Jefferson City, $110,000.

John A. Yantz III to Mikelene Helen Richards, property in Shade Township, $46,500.

58 East Merrick Road Associates from Lone Star Equities Inc., property in Somerset Borough, $278,725.

Joann Gyles to Yvonne Mihalko, by POA, property in Paint Township, $20,909.95.

Charles W. Smith to Arron D. Dively, property in Somerset Township, $266,000.

David Glatfelter from the Estate of I Fred Brubaker, property in Somerset Borough, $89,000.

Scott Wright from the Estate of Timothy F. Grimm, property in Benson Borough, $109,900.

Aaron D. Dively to Jeffrey L. Mosler, property in Stonecreek Township, $355,000.

Michael Hotchkiss to Marie E. Gnaguey, property in Summit Township, $45,000.

Patricia Margaret Durst from Daniel S. Brandt, property in Milford Township, $36,500.

Julio Cesar Torres Estrada from Jack Anthony Ilar, property in Somerset Township, $70,000.

Aaron Kohr to Michael D. Walker, property in Stonecreek Township, $155,000.

Kenneth R. Teter III to Gary L. Blow Estate, property in Conemaugh Township, $55,000.

Gregory B. Dunmeyer to Tammy J. Lester, property in Summit Township, $240,000.

Mark D. Mishler Sr. from Tyler J. Evans, property in Somerset Township, $11,000.

Gertie Camp LLC to Deloris Shumaker, property in Somerset Township, $45,043.20.

Kyle W. Drenner to Laura B. Naugle, property in Conemaugh Township, $50,500.

FC Investment Group LLC to James E. Broderick, property in Brothersvalley Township, $35,000.

CTS Development LLC to Richard Ross, property in Berlin Borough, $25,000.

Trust Bank of Dallas S. Persley, by sheriff, property in Conemaugh Township, $95,937.60.

Robert Edward Bridges to Joseph A. Marissa Jr., property in Conemaugh Township, $60,000.

Bernard J. Seth III to Joseph A. Marissa Jr., property in Conemaugh Township, $210,000.

Thomas M. Chappell to Edison R. Miller III, property in Conemaugh Township, $140,000.

Jacob Daniel Freery from Finley Living Trust, property in Middlecreek Township, $62,500.

Brad S. Kalp to Thomas Kapp Trust, property in Allegheny Township, $60,000.

David Reed to Kerry A. Rowles, property in Indian Lake Borough, $600,000.

Melanie Spano from Federal National Mortgage, property in Central City Borough, $15,000.

Randall C. Roxby to Marilyn L. Ott, by POA, property in Paint Borough, $20,000.

Matthew McIntosh to Michelle Renee Garrity, property in Jenner Township, $90,000.

Richard Allen Latshaw to Marsha L. Svonavec Estates, property in Somerset Borough, $113,000.

Joshua D. Sroka to Jonathan Cyrus Adams, property in Conemaugh Township, $85,000.

Julie B. Blaney to Jason E. Bowers, property in Ursina Borough, $35,000.

Bradley J. Godin to John Henry Brant, property in Brothersvalley Township, $189,000.

Robin Montgomery from James McCall Estate, property in Jefferson City, $225,000.

Raymond Bauer to Helen Christine Pastuch Estate, property in Boswell Borough, $69,000.

Zachary S. Moore to John F. Kuhn, property in Somerset Township, $110,000.

Wealth Financial Services LLC to the Estate of Bernadette E. Selfridge, property in Windburrow Borough, $15,000.

Henry K. West III to Cool Cats & Kittens 2 LLC, property in Windermere Borough, $61,904.

Judith A. Wittig to Barbara J. Fencil, property in Indian Lake Borough, $150,000.

TJ Land Holdings LLC to Berwind Corp., property in Somerset Township, $105,000.

Terrence L. Judy to Virginia K. Duffey, property in Jefferson City, $311,000.

Shawn Charles Hawley to David Montgomery, property in Jefferson City, $230,500.

Nathaniel Hafka to Nicholas J. Berkey, property, Town of Coomahoning, $135,000.

Nicholas John Burke to Daniel E. Miller, property in Meyersdale Borough, $399,900.

Adrian P. Piechowicz to Debra F. Shultz, property in Somerset Township, $60,000.

Larry N. May from Donald E. Smith Estate, property in Somerset Township, $60,000.

Robin G. Hamilton Revocable Trust with Matthew R

Gary W. Faye from the Estate of Walter C. Stokoe Jr., property in Paint Township, $113,000.

Heidi Jo Ryan to Dorothy I. Miller, property in POA, Conemaugh Township, $98,000.

Terry Moyer to Connie E. Grissell, property in Middlecreek Township, $358,000.

Jordan Penrod from Fannie Mae, by POA, property in Windburrow Borough, $125,000.

Wesley Falls to Richard G. Weind, property in Stoystown Borough, $250,000.

Joseph A. Gallo Jr. to Edward C. Baker II, property in Stonecreek Township, $385,000.

Reuben McCoy to Kathleen J. Randall, property in Jenner Township, $69,900.

Daniel R. Pyle to Jody L. Mimna, property in Somerset Township, $250,000.

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