RECIKA, a Japanese web 3 company launched real estate NFT “ANGO NFT”.

ANGO NFTs offer holders digital real estate along with many other Web3 benefits. With investments from institutional investors such as Tokai Tokyo Securities, AD Works Co., Ltd. Joi this. RECIKA plans to release ANGO NFTs later this year.

Tokyo, August 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — RECIKA has launched a service called “Ango” that allows users to buy, sell and own digital real estate NFTs, a “home” for users in the Metaverse. Furthermore, since ANGO’s digital real estate NFTs are linked to physical real estate, holders of ANGO NFTs can reside in real estate in the physical world. Another feature of ANGO NFTs owners is the inclusion of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) where members can manage physical real estate and vote on how to use the proceeds from the property.

ANGO operates vacation rentals (AirBNB) on connected physical real estate to generate revenue for DAO.

ANGO Launch Video URL:

1. Background of ANGO

The number of empty houses in rural areas has increased. Japan As the population of Japan is decreasing and also migrating to the cities Tokyo.

ANGO implements NFTs, Metaverses, physical real estate and DAO to solve this problem.

RECIKA has been focusing on using blockchain technology to create services that connect both the “physical” and “digital” worlds. Until now, the value of real estate assets was defined only in the physical world. ANGO aims to challenge that and redefine real estate by giving it new meaning and value in the digital world.

Officially released in Q4 2021, Resica’s pioneering service “UniCask” has redefined how people buy whiskey. UniCask NFTs allowed whiskey enthusiasts to purchase cask-strength whiskey, allowing the owner to digitally trade the whiskey for its natural value. With previous experience combining digital and physical, RECIKA has the tools and expertise to make ANGO a reality.

The name ANGO comes from the kanji “an-kyo” which means to live in peace and lead a peaceful life. ANGO Digital Real Estate hopes that NFTs will become popular concepts in the digital world and in the real world.

2. Revitalizing the countryside Japan

As more and more Japanese residents move from the countryside to the city, they begin to follow the culture of urban living. While that is important in today’s globalized society, the culture of these rural areas is fading and slowly disappearing into history. Visitors and holders of ANGO NFT will have the opportunity to explore the countryside JapanStimulating local economies while interacting with Web3 technologies, interacting with local residents and preserving rural culture.

3. Features of ANGO and the use of blockchain technology

ANGO empowers users to easily buy, sell and manage digital asset NFTs on any device. By combining ANGO with blockchain technology, the activity history of ANGO houses can be forever rooted in the blockchain. In addition, ownership information is easily accessible in the blockchain, which helps to verify ownership.

ANGO is developed as a blockchain-based physical real estate registry system. The technology aims to further integrate real and digital assets by recording asset sensor data to the blockchain.

4. ANGO communities and more questions

ANGO will announce more information about its developments and future campaigns leading up to the official sale later this year. Feel free to follow ANGO on Twitter and join the Discord server for the latest information.


For further questions regarding ANGO, please contact us at: [email protected]

About RECIKA Co., Ltd

RECIKA contributes For society by creating an ecosystem that enhances the values ​​and rights of individuals. RECIKA develops services that connect physical and digital spaces by applying decentralized technology.

Company Name: RECIKA Co., Ltd
Established: 01/12/2018
Address: Tokyo, Chiyoda City, 1-6-1 Otemachi, Otemachi Bldg 6th Floor, Inspiration.Lab
Business Activities: Decentralized Digital Transformation, Blockchain System Development, Business Consulting, UniCask, ANGO and other Web3 Services
Company URL

About ANGO LLC (100% owned by RECIKA)

ANGO redefines real estate value in the Web3 era

Company Name: ANGO LLC
Established: 10/06/2022
Address: 4F Otemachi First Square East Tower, 1-5-1 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business Activities: Planning and operating ANGO services

Source RECIKA Co., Ltd

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