‘Renovation Island’ Season 4: Sarah and Brian argue over how hard it is to sell things from their Canadian home.

Season 4 of ‘Renovation Island’ will mainly focus on the Baumlers adjusting to their new life in Florida. The season premiere showed the couple trying to sell their property in Canada to give their full attention to their family in Florida and their resort in the Bahamas.


The family is in Florida, an hour’s flight away from their hotel in the Bahamas. The Florida house needs a lot of work, but first, they have unfinished business in Canada. The Beumlers built their first home in Canada as their lifelong home. Brian never thought of leaving home; In fact, he plans to retire there and watch his grandchildren grow up. However, the house has been mostly empty for the past three years. A Canadian home is the type of property that cannot be left unattended as it requires extensive maintenance. Idleness is a treasure. As a result, they made a difficult decision to sell.


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The Baeumlers' House in Canada on 'Renovation Island' Season 4 (HGTV)
The Baeumlers’ House in Canada on ‘Renovation Island’ Season 4 (HGTV)

Sarah says the opportunity to build the hotel changed their perspective on what they needed every day, as well as their desire for experience. Bryan added that moving one-twentieth the size of their estate into a villa would change one’s perspective. It definitely puts into perspective what you want and need. At the end of the day, it forces them to simplify. While Sarah works with their youngest son, Lincoln, sorting out items to keep or donate, Brian sits with their youngest daughter, Josephine, who considers Canada her “home” since she was born. In a confessional, Josephine described how she and her siblings were shocked to hear their parents had sold their never-before-seen Canadian home. They were told recently. She also expressed her displeasure at his move to Florida.


Brian with his daughter Josephine in 'Renovation Island' Season 4 (HGTV)
Brian with his daughter Josephine in ‘Renovation Island’ Season 4 (HGTV)

Bryan added that the choice to list the home was a big one for the family. They expected it would take six months to a year to find a suitable buyer, but within 24 hours they placed multiple bids on the house that exceeded the asking price. They didn’t expect things to go so quickly. While working with Sarah, Lincoln expresses disdain for the idea of ​​moving, even calling it a “bad decision”. Sarah tries to convince him that “for now” is the right decision. Sarah confesses that she has mixed feelings about accepting the offer.


Sarah with her son Lincoln in 'Renovation Island' Season 4 (HGTV)
Sarah with her son Lincoln in ‘Renovation Island’ Season 4 (HGTV)

Brian’s only real place on the Canadian property was the “dog house”. He was able to make all the decisions without any influence or negotiation. He calls it his “favorite place” on the property because it holds so many memories. He’s sad to leave the doghouse, but excited to have a birdhouse now ready, ready to fly.


Sarah sits down to prepare for the move but is haunted by old memories. She explains how she enjoys passing on items that hold memories for her. She warns Brian that they can’t bring everything to Florida. He added that since they are taking the children with them, there is no need to move all their old belongings to their new home. Brian says they’re clearly committed to Canada and their goal is to downsize and acquire more property, but in the meantime, they’re looking forward to the next project, which is extremely exciting. That’s the bitter-sweet part. Sarah says Canada is where her family is and where her heart is, but she’s excited for the future. They always seem to go on adventures that completely change each of them. So it’s just a matter of finding a way to make it work.


Sarah tells Brian that she enjoyed going shopping because they had to leave all the lights and furniture behind. Brian, on the other hand, is confused that anyone would wish for such a thing. He said there was still a lot to be done before he left Canada. Sarah understands that there are items in the Canadian home that can be sold or donated, as well as items that can be moved to a Florida home or a future Canadian home. Sarah gets upset when Brian continues to throw things at her saying he doesn’t like her. While he’s sleeping, she warns Brian that she’s going to move the post-him and put what she needs.


As Brian begins to list a few things he appreciates about the house, Sarah asks how he can say that after living there so long. Bryan says they’ve been doing well for the most part while they’ve been in Canada, but he’s not looking forward to taking them to Florida. They added that since their Florida place is about a third the size of their Canadian home, and the new home they are buying in Canada will be about a third, half of their property will have to be disposed of. Sarah believes that Brian can give it all up. She believes that he is only attached to a few items and doesn’t know that she has a stronger sensitivity to those items. She said she tries to keep it as long as she can.


The day was emotional for Sarah, not only because of the packaging, but also because their children had grown up and changed there. She says she’s in the middle of not being sure where they’re going to land, but she knows it’s not in Canada right now and she just has to accept that they’re moving on.

Snapshot of Brian Baumler with one of his sons on 'Renovation Island' Season 4 (HGTV)
Snapshot of Brian Beumler with one of his sons on ‘Renovation Island’ Season 4 (HGTV)


New episodes of HGTV’s ‘Renovation Island’ air every Sunday at 9 pm ET.

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