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Perhaps the biggest obstacle to using sales as a means of redemption is that redemption in turn increases sales. Once he was physically and mentally and emotionally strong, Pesci told his disciples, he was such a good salesman that he picked up his watch again, saying, “My boss bought me this cool-ass Breitling that cost me ten thousand dollars.” “I always wear it to remind myself that the real wealth is health.”

When Sam Taggart sold Kay to Solar, she instantly raised her as a lamb. Bolt A system that divides people into bulls, owls, sheep and tigers. The power of the bull must be met with equal power; As pest control salesman Parker Langeveld says, “You stand still, turn around, and charge from behind when the bull is confused.” Owls study product listings and buy on impulse, never. Owls, Taggart told me, “are usually Jews or Asian dudes. Knocking the first two years I would say ‘wrong house’ if an Indian opened the door. ” Sheep want to be told what to do. And you chat with the tigers and make sure they are getting the latest technology. Bulls haul a black Dodge Charger, owls a Toyota with great gas mileage, and sheep eat whatever the seller wants off the lot. The Tigers leave their garage doors open so everyone can admire the red BMW.

I realized I was curious as I considered my place in this taxonomy. I want to know every detail. I realized that my self-image as an intelligent and unassuming New Yorker was wrong. All a seller has to do is listen to my concerns and I’ll start seriously thinking about buying a tropical-fish subscription or backsplash. Even though I’m seeing how the trick works, I’m vulnerable. In one D2DU video, Pistol Pete Winston, a solar salesman, profiles Taggart on how to bulldoze “one-footed” — a single homeowner who can’t make decisions without a spouse. After Winston makes a follow-up appointment with the forced-choice question (Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning is better for you. Just ask that you both be for it.

A smile spread across Taggart’s face: “So you do about it.” SocietyHe said.

“There are no pagans at the gate, sir. They are now at the food truck.

Cartoon by Michael Maslin

“And ‘they’ ask him. . He said. Winston notes, drawing Taggart’s attention to his compulsive behavior. “The World Health Organization?’they. ” I buy solar panels from Pete Winston. And I live in an apartment building.

Perhaps eighty percent of salespeople are tigers, according to Taggart, so they gravitate toward the latest persuasive tactics. When Taggart filmed an online ad for the D2D sales conference in March, he made a practical exercise: “You want to take someone’s brain out of their head and put it back in their skull? Have you ever heard that sales is bad because it’s a way of tricking people into doing what you want, and wondered how that could be. no learn?”

His actual ad wasn’t much different: the promise was “How to Break Your Customers’ Subconscious Minds.” Teacher The art of selling” instead of fearing the loss of the customer, adjust the attitude by using the “arbitrary of words”. Avoid “problem” (use “challenge” or “condition” instead), “contract” (“service agreement”), “chemical” (“product”), “sell” (“offer”) or “sign” (“first “). not at all The customer won’t sign the contract because it’s too expensive. But The family manager I introduced accepted the form as if she had entered an unparalleled investment opportunity. “Bucks” seems cheaper than “dollars”, so you build the price in dollars, then advertise in silver: This service is two hundred forty nine dollars but today we have technicians in the area so I can give it to you for ninety nine bucks.

A fancier-sounding form of neurolinguistic programming is neurolinguistic programming. Taggart suggests making seemingly anodyne observations—“Hey, be yourself do He or Don’t do it Do it, it just makes sense do Is that right?”—this, working with the same frequency as subliminal advertising and homeopathic medicine, lulls the prospect into compliance. There is no real scientific evidence for these techniques, but they have a powerful placebo effect, and salespeople need a strong belief in self-doubt. Self-doubt leads to failure, and failure is unacceptable. When reps are bagels, the punishments can range from lip syncing to Britney Spears shaving off their beards and eating the slices.

The failure is very unpleasant, because it can lead to a contagious lack of confidence in the organization as a whole. Managers teach salespeople to avoid this death spiral by thinking they are being rejected. If you get five thousand dollars for a solar sale, but you only sell one out of a hundred prospects, adjust yourself to believe that you are getting paid fifty bucks for every number. Michael O’Donnell, who is as successful as he is, says, “Half the time I want to throw up in the bush.” The only way I can get myself out of my house is if I make a sacred vow to have someone reject me every day, and if that doesn’t happen I’ll try to see if I’m getting paid as a trigger event.

There are two types of door-to-door salesmen: those motivated by money or by their persuasive offer to call and shoot for ransom. Taylor McCarthy had a high school GPA of 1.8. Michael O’Donnell was an alcoholic; In the year Luke Ward, who made $1.4 million in 2021 sales of the Sun, has been charged with multiple felonies in which he was addicted to heroin and meth. “The obsessive quality that made me an addict also made me great in sales,” Ward told me. “That and my competitive desire — all the great businessmen — to be recognized as the best.”

Adam Schanz, the founder and CEO of Alder Security, is the authoritarian type. His ability to sell alarm systems is astounding. “Adam is the best door knocker in history,” says Sam Taggart. Schanz asks his execs to knock on doors for a week each year; In the year In 2019, he spent his own week in a town in northeast Louisiana and sold two hundred and five bills — a total that a big seller could take half a year. He set up a system for the local authorities and paid them a hundred dollars for each referral he bought, after getting a lot of leads from the church members he dropped a thousand dollars in his plate and ran from door to door sweeping the city like a broom. The Pied Piper of Hamlin.

Schanz, who grew up in a Mormon household, was extremely cautious about God’s actions, but remained optimistic about humanity. “In the roughest neighborhoods in Brooklyn where you live, I can knock on any door and get people to borrow their car and drive to McDonald’s for a milkshake. It’s amazing how wonderful people are when you give them a chance!” But, as he started out the door, he said, “I saw sellers cheating old people, liars and cheats being rewarded. It’s a flashy, dirty industry.” After his sophomore year, he said, “I called my mom in tears and said, ‘The Cinderella story is a lie, Mom. What you taught me is bullshit. ” Shanz’s mother encouraged him to stay true to himself, and he redoubled his efforts by reading all the sales books he could, making three appointments every night so that his clients wouldn’t be confused. It reflected a passion for the product that few people feel for their families, let alone a seven-inch screen panel with two-way audio and 24/7 monitoring and support. Three years later, when he sold five hundred bills in the summer, he called his mother again and said, “Mom, it’s legal! I am the best in the world! “

It’s easy to sell if you stick to the truth. That’s why everyone at your door proclaims himself to be a “Regional Manager”; Although the territory under its administration is the area occupied by the entity itself. Last year, Vivint Smart Home paid $23.2 million to the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission to settle charges that some of its sellers falsified credit reports, including “white pages” to ensure customers passed checks. , borrowing the excellence of a stranger of the same name. Another popular industry activity was to go to the local cemetery and run the name: the dead frequently held their credit rating and tombstones provided birthdays.

When home security salespeople want to take over another company’s account, they sometimes tell the customer they’re coming from an “alarm company” to upgrade their system. Schanz himself founded a business called APT, which, like ADT, is the nation’s largest security firm. Their representatives argued that they were not pretending to be from ADT: “It was all ours.” Funny On their devices and services – to win accounts by doing the opposite. Unconvinced, ADT sued four times. “Their goal was to blackmail me,” Schenz said, though he said his company paid $7 million to settle the lawsuit, adding, “I admit I’m not perfect.”

On the doors, the edges often justify the ways. In a Knockstar University video, Taylor McCarthy told trainees: Absolutely OK to push on sales. Unless it’s a life or death situation,” he explains. Or, he explains further, “If you Feeling Whether it’s a life-or-death situation—if you’re selling home security, trying to protect the environment, or “trying to protect someone’s lawn.” Danny Pesci told me: “If that’s your goal Deception The customer – if you’re saying your meat truck broke down and you restocked it with Ralphs meat – it won’t. But if that’s your goal to serve They, then, can say whatever they want to get you to buy an amazing product that you believe in.

As Taggart moves into development not far from his office, new owners are still coming in, he says happily. “You can sell these people anything,” he said. “They want the Internet, they want an alarm, they want pests, they want the sun.”

At the first house, a man named Geo answered Taggart’s knock. He wore baggy shorts and had a phlegmatic air. Sinking like a sheep, Taggart began softly: “Where you’d normally pay up to sixty thousand dollars, in this neighborhood we’re doing standard kits that match the size of the roof. Would it be okay if we come in and show you around? Does it take two seconds? “

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