Weekend read: Are we headed for a housing bust?

Homebuilders warn of housing bust. Now homebuyers are finding bargaining power even in the hottest markets and sellers are making new offers, reports Aarthi Swaminathan.

The housing bubble and black home buyers

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Rising prices and rising mortgage rates have reduced the number of black renters able to afford a home in just one year, according to a Harvard researcher. Emma Aukerman reports on how housing segregation affects black Americans.

Don’t be afraid of the feds

Federal Reserve policymakers have repeatedly made clear their desire to reverse inflation in the US. On July 27, they voted unanimously to make interest rate hikes part of the fight.

But when the minutes of that meeting were released on Wednesday, some observers said they saw signs of softening in the Fed’s tough talk.

Rex Nutting brings investors back to reality.

Unpaid student loans are being fully settled by the government – guess who owes US taxpayers $1 billion now?

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ITT Technical Institute It closed in 2016, and the Department of Education decided to forgive $3.9 billion in student loans tied to the failed college.

What about government bankruptcy? Higher education institutions owe American taxpayers more than a billion dollars, reports Jillian Berman.

Can Bitcoin be a hedge?

Three years worth of bitcoin.


Francis Yu writes a distributed ledger column covering the world of bitcoin BTCUSD.
+ 1.62%
and virtual currency exchange. This week she reported on growing interest in bitcoin among institutional investors.

Read: This is why Bitcoin doesn’t ‘separate’ your 401(k).

Good news on health care costs, and not just for the elderly

The Inflation Reduction Act, signed into law on Tuesday, would require Medicare to negotiate with providers on the price of certain drugs. But young users of prescription drugs can also benefit.

The new law, a major focus for people over 50 who pay for health insurance but don’t qualify for Medicare, extends subsidies under the Affordable Care Act for three years.

On a related note, Biden issued an executive order in July requiring the Food and Drug Administration to issue regulations on the over-the-counter sale of hearing aids. The FDA has now issued rules that will take effect in mid-October.

How could the IRS expansion affect you?


The Inflation Reduction Act includes $80 billion in additional funding for the Internal Revenue Service over 10 years. This follows a long period in which the IRS has been forced to limit audits due to staff shortages and antiquated systems — as well as problems that have slowed the processing of refunds. Bill Bischoff looks at how changes to the IRS will affect middle-class taxpayers.

The long-term investment horizon can often be longer than you think.


Are you really a long term investor? Probably not. Mark Hulbert explains.

in addition This “financial first” approach to investing in technology stocks may be better in the current economic climate.

More: These stock pickers beat their benchmarks while giving investors the necessary diversification

Meme-stock Marketing: Burned by Bed Bath and Beyond.

GameStop Corp. Following popular examples of GME,
and AMC Entertainment Holdings AMC,
The meme-stock crowd leapt over the bed-bath and over the BBB.
Bandwagon, bringing together the shortest of retail outlets. BBBY was almost five times the month through Wednesday.

Then on Thursday, the embattled retailer’s stock fell 20% after Ryan Cohen (GameStop chairman) said he would sell a large stake in Algabase’s stock. Bed Bath stock fell as much as 43 percent on Friday, after the company said it was working with “external financial advisors and lenders” to strengthen its balance sheet.

Mark Hulbert explains why investors should steer clear of meme stocks.

More about short-term trends: Hedge funds have accumulated $125 billion in bets on the S&P 500’s big summer rally.

Which of these snacks is the least harmful to your body?

MarketWatch/Getty Images, iStockphoto

Charles Pacey presents the challenge as he describes a new food compass developed by researchers at Tufts University.

Hear from Ray Dalio at MarketWatch’s Best New Ideas in Money Festival on September 21st and September 22nd in New York. The hedge fund pioneer has strong views on where the economy is headed.

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